Sunday, September 06, 2015

handle fell off of vistaexplorer tripod fix

TL;DR; find the square nut; look on the back side of the tripod and pop the bolt back in.

I've been using the VistaExplorer tripod from Amazon for a while now. It essentially does the trick. Basically it has all the features you might come to expect from a real tripod - but built in a kind of cheap and slightly rickety way. I personally would much prefer a cheap sturdy tripod with fewer bells and whistles, but as far as I know this is the best cheap tripod out there.

There is a somewhat common problem of this handle popping off, and the little square nut popping out of its slot. This post from 2013 explains the issue well with this little knolling image.

Here is my little cell phone image where you can see the correct location of the nut after I popped it back in. Happy fixing!


  1. Can you tell me how to fix tripod?
    My tripod handle fell off and the squrarenut went out...

  2. yes, you need to take the square nut and put it back in. then screw in the handle. If you lost the nut then you might need to shove another nut in there - and maybe glue it if it isn't a square nut.

  3. You are a genius - thank you!

    1. you're welcome thank you for the compliment!