Wednesday, December 23, 2015

my Magic Eye pictures, used as album art

I was just investigating a strange bump in the number of hits to my personal website and I discovered something. Almost all of these new hits were from Google image searches landing on a page I made talking about Magic Eye stereograms.

I've always had a surprisingly large number of hits for this page and I always though it was for my most awesome magic eye... this one below which is a 3D topographical map of Antarctica and it is drawn out of penguins. It has been shared numerous places (all without my permission and most credit).

But no, by far the more popular image on the page is the one below. The base for it was drawn crudely by hand and is just a crooked spelling of my last name with some random circle blobs at the top right. Based on a few of the albums it has been shared in, it seems that the look of the picture brings back memories of all those poor quality graphics that were everywhere in the 90's. So people share it, amazingly right alongside some really well done stereograms of cool stuff!

The most hilarious location has got to be - the zooboks safari album art. Their whole site looks kind of like a magic eye and they topped it off by choosing my image for their album art.

Check it out and listen to the music here:


  1. I can't ever see the 3d image in these types of pictures. All I see is the scrambled colors. Any tips?


    1. Try one with a strong periodic pattern. Like the bottom half of the penguin one. That makes it easier to get it lined up.