Sunday, March 13, 2016

Saudi Arabian Import commodity restrictions

As part of my ongoing adventures with Loud Bicycle I'm learning a lot about shipping. Last time it was that a strip of a mailing label and connected packing slip can be shipped across an ocean and arrive at the destination with no evidence of the actual box. Now some customers in Saudi Arabia have raised concerns about their shipping regulations.

Just to call out a few of these here,

  • Car horns are OK but annoying car horns are not allowed. You know what I can't blame them really since they are probably talking about these car alarms.
  • No Christmas Trees, with a capital T. Sounds like a real War on Christmas.
  • Frogs mean, seems oddly specific, what about newt meat?
  • Musical greeting cards ... interesting, but seems kind of petty to ban these.
  • Massage equipment indecently packaged, I think we know what this is really about, but funny to imagine they had a big problem with massage equipment arriving in boxes like this:

    (could not find original source for this image, maybe here

I am not making this up, these are the real regulations, here is the document with all the information:

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