Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Genius Gasoline Can from Thailand

I spotted this gasoline can in Thailand. You might be wondering what is awesome? Well check out the second little tube above the first tube.
Now imagine yourself pouring gasoline, in essentially all cases you will be pouring it into a mostly empty gas tank through a small hole (with the notable exception of some mad science experiments). Gas tanks that are mostly empty are actually filled completely with smelly air that is dangerously flammable. If you fill the tank with a normal gas can then as you pour you push the smelly air out; but with this one, the smelly air gets sucked up into the can. How much? Exactly the right amount.

And what might be the main design intent here, you wouldn't be able to overfill a gas tank with this kind of can.

Aaand Bonus, the handle is curved, so you can pour it easily in various states of full.

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