Sunday, July 09, 2006

San Fransisco

I went to san fransisco last week, here are some photos:

This is me standing on some artistic Arrow thing. I was impressed. Thanks Garwin for taking a great picture.

I used to think that pyramid building didn't exist since I only saw it in those Bank Ads.

Next week I'll post a panorama shot of the bay area.

They just happened to be doing a Lion Dance when we visited chinatown, no fireworks but they set off a 30 ft chain of firecrackers (notice the smoke).

Redwoods are amazing.

Next week I'll post some Redwood panoramics.

this cop was nice enough to pose for me with his dorky club.

We went to the top of some tall Hotel and I asked this guard if we could see a view. He takes us to this restricted roof area. Moral: It doesn't hurt to ask.

The farmers market near the capital building.


  1. Wow! Yoni, these shots are wonderful. I loved San Francisco...was there for business quite a few times.


  2. Well, it seems all kinds of Lansey's like San Francisco.
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  3. Robert Lansey is our father, so our story is, of course, the same.

  4. Hi guys. Thanks for responding. I guess that makes us the "original" Lanseys. We have traced the name, so far, to the early 1850's. We are continuing our search, but need help. If you know of any Lanseys who may have been in the Maryland region prior to or during the 1800's please let us know. I may be emailed at Also, is a Stephen Lansey, M.D. related to you? One of my cousins was doing a fellowship or some such at a hospital in New York and saw that name among the list of doctors. She did not seek him out, but what we found amusing was that her father's name is Stephen Lansey.