Thursday, July 06, 2006

My computer is cooler than your computer

Some time ago I wrote about the near death of my old desktop computer. Aryeh miscalculated the total hard disk space that Rutgers needed for its students as around 4.8 petabytes while it is, in reality, only 0.009 PB.
But the computer system I am using this summer beats the socks off any others that I've used.
I am using the RCF (RHIC [Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider] Computing Facility). This system "provides the bulk of the dedicated computer processing, storage and analysis resources." It's a pretty darn impressive system:
It has 8 petabyes of storage space (8,388,608 GB) as well as a 14 TFLOPS processing farm (over 4000 processors). That means it's roughly 14,000 times faster than any current desktop computer and has over 9,300 times the storage space of my computer.
You can check out some cool pictures and more information about the system here.


  1. I was going to blog about the supercomputer in Michigan that I'm using this summer, but since yours is way more impressive . . . you win.

  2. I was going to wait till you blogged about the supercomputer that you're using, but I got tired of waiting and watching you juggle fruit.

  3. That is certainly one powerful computer. Just don't do anything to break opr otherwise impair it's function. If I hear that the RCF was shut down by a virus traced to an illegally downloaded Monty Python episode, we'll know who to blame.

  4. My computer is cooler than your computer. I didn't know this could be a real conversation. I thought it was exclusivley a sketch on comedy shows.

  5. Hey, are you even allowed to tell us this stuff? Shouldn't this be classified or something?

  6. Stacy - you must realize by now that all of the jokes about geeks are just art imitating life. Sketch comedy shows and other parodies cannot possibly work hard enough to keep up. Geeks have the unique ability to be mockeries of themselves.
    Just try on a +1 Shirt (ask your local role-playing-game geek for an explanation), and maybe stuff will start making sense.