Sunday, December 02, 2007

Explanation for the Church Notice Boards

  • We clearly see the Church reaching out to the younger Instant Messanger generation
  • They ran out of letters so they needed to make do with what they had
  • Somebody from Newark *stole some of the letters to make their own sign
  • No other letters besides "R" will be welcome, and only the letters "B" and "E" will have blessings by this church
Any other explanations R welcome, BE clever!


  1. all are welcome to come in, but even those outside should be blessed (filling in the gaps), or they are replying to thank you's by a lot of people you are welcome be blessed.

  2. ixI must disagree with the logic behind that last statement. While it does say "All R Welcome," this does not imply that other letters, A, B, C, et all, R not welcome.

    The same with the blessings.

  3. I will also point out that there is a United Methodist Episcopalian Church down the block from me with the inviting welcome sign, "Visit Us on Facebook."

    I guess they are just not worth visiting in person, even if you are standing 2 ft away.