Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two kittens

Almost two weeks ago, while leaving shul on Saturday night, I noticed two kittens in an alley huddled together and shivering. We couldn't leave them out there to freeze, so Stacy and I brought them home.
They were scared, cold and hungry little kittens. You'd put out food and they'd scarf it down as fast as possible, then try to hide. Fortunately, by now they've been de-flea'd, de-wormed, (more or less) litterbox-trained, and most certainly fed. So now they're friendlier and much more active.
Now the trouble is keeping them off our furniture, etc. And, after seeing some of their antics, I'm convinced that whoever coined the phrase "curiosity killed the cat" probably had a cat.
Oh, and it seems like we're keeping the little critters. The one with black in its fur is called Gravity and the other is Widget.


  1. "Oh no. We're not keeping them. We will find them a good home, or a good shelter." E & S 12/9/07

    Suckers!!! How could you not want to keep those cute little faces?

    Julia will be very jealous. She loves kitties. I am however allergic. So pics are the best way for me to admire cats ;)

    They are very lucky to have found such a wonderful home.

  2. I think Amanda is on to something. I know many people who took abandoned kittens in their home "Temporarily." None ever managed to give them away. It's a conspiracy.

  3. Yes it is so wonderful to have two tiny furry blessings that live in the bathroom. Certainly makes brussing one's teeth more exciting!


  5. I think Elon has a point, cuteness has a real evolutionary advantage!
    and the lump beat me too it, dweeee!

  6. I would also like to add that that this makes Eli's printer post "Feed Me Stray Cat" much more disturbing.

  7. Hi, :) Nice blog, cool photos
    Look from Quebec Canada

    WWG :)

  8. Ogden Nash:

    "The trouble with a kitten is that
    eventually it becomes a cat"