Sunday, February 01, 2009

Weather Update - Odd Cloud

In the constant hope of it actually snowing where I live I've been watching the weather. The other day there was a cloud which was apparently "odd" so odd in fact that it required its own headline title see below:

The odd cloud has passed now, but just in case another odd cloud appears over the coast you had better keep a keen eye on:

Note that about a week after this odd cloud appeared - it did in fact snow a significant amount here . . . maybe thats how it works.


  1. Just wait until there's an even cloud, then you're really in for it!

  2. As I have heard the clouds you have to really worry about are, the irrational clouds, the complex clouds, and the prime clouds although there had not been a prime cloud observed since 1912 97 years ago, and the one before that in 1823. Also, complex clouds are normally only observed in hurricane like conditions.

  3. The truly odd thing about odd clouds is that you never see them paired with just one end cloud, and no one knows why.