Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to read this post

We've had a few weather-related posts recently, so I figured I'd continue the trend.  I noticed this fairly bizarre instructional link on the Yahoo Weather page.  Check out the field highlighted in red:
I'm not sure that someone who can't read the "Detailed Local Forecast" will be able to handle "How to Read This."  Out of morbid curiosity I followed the link, and found this helpful information:
What's in the text forecast?
The following information is available in the text forecasts provided by
  • alerts, if relevant
  • basic forecast data for that day or night
  • forecast data for five days from that day or night
Again, if "Clear to partly cloudy" is difficult to understand, I doubt this additional information will help.

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  1. That link is probably there as a result of some lawsuit.