Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Amateur Blogger/Gardener

So after being engaged to Eli for a little over two months I finally took him up on his offer to contribute to the Lansey Brothers blog.
When thinking about what to blog, I was struck by my similar lack of experience blogging and gardening.
Recently, as a matter of fact, right before Eli and I got engaged (back when I used to have free time), I tried my hand at some serious gardening.
My previous attempts at gardening have been dismal failures. A few stalks unidentifiable as any sort of desirable plant that died soon thereafter.
However, the severe boredom as a result of my unemployment this spring, induced me to take to the yard with spade a hoe.
First, I had the gardener (an essential component of the Long Island Garden) remove the large dead bush.
Then I removed all the weeds.
Finally I took a deep breath and took a gamble two cherry tomato plants.
To my great shock I experienced wild success.
And WILD success is the correct term. My tomatoes have grown like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.
So first they filled their cages. That seemed normal, Then they outgrew their cages, then they started growing on the hydgrangea next to them (see hydrangea in red circle).

Next I noticed a satellite patch of tomatoes.

So I have been harvesting fresh tomatoes every two days. LOTS of tomatoes every two days.

I am now trying to figure out to do with tons and tons of tomatoes. One plan is to give some tomatoes to the neighbors. Theirs haven't turned out so well.

If you have any recipes please write in.

All in all I would call the first attempt at gardening a success. I hope I can say the same for blogging.


  1. Well it's about time this blog had an interesting post.
    Your post is like a breath of fresh GARDEN air.

  2. Congratulatiosn on your first blogging post. I would give it a "10" for both content and the added bonus of photos!

    Frank and I ran into the bumper crop of cherry tomatoes one year. Actually it was grape tomatoes. So I have a bunch of recipes I will forward to your email. Did you see the large tomato crop we have going on in the garden? Talk about sharing with neighbors...we could feed our neighborhood!

    Keep an eye out of the recipes.

    By the way I think that you are an excellent addition to the Lansey Brothers Blog!

  3. First off anonymous, very wise to post anonymously. I think this shows that no-one like me and my brothers posts anymore. I will need to add spice and pictures, possibly of spices.

  4. Have you considered opening a farm stand?

    This concept of having guest bloggers has possibilities that should be considered. You could hold a blogging contest with the winning entry getting posted. A post could be granted as a birthday present. Maybe Yoni or Aryeh might persuade some young woman to go out with them in exchange for being allowed to blog. Slots could be auctioned off on ebay. Or sold at a farm stand.

  5. Nice post, Stacy. Much better than the boring monotony of the rest of the guys' posts (please don't hurt me)

    Anyhoo, here is a website with a recipe for Cherrey Tomato Salad -

    I'd lose the olvies, but I dislike olives like a horse dislikes glue, so maybe that is an obvious suggestion on my part.
    Now, I am not saying if you like olives you are a bad person, but... well, you are.

  6. It would be even funnier if you were named "Jones." Anyway, those poor neighbors!

  7. Hmmm...I'm listening. Let's see what you've got.

  8. Good thing you didn't plant Zuchinni!!!

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