Thursday, August 24, 2006

Can I help you?

I've been going to a lot of stores recently (shopping? No, I've been shopping!). For some reason, in almost every store, someone thinks that I work there, and asks me for help. This happened in Kmart, Target, IKEA, Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things, and probably some others that I'm forgetting about. The strange thing is that in most of these places the helpy people wear some sort of obvious uniform: IKEA, for example, BRIGHT yellow shirts. And the clothes that I wear do not even remotely look like the uniforms (I don't even own a yellow shirt!). I'm up for suggestions from the peanut gallery as to why this is regularly happening to me. And, check out this Improv Everywhere "Mission" where they made use of the obvious uniforms [link].

Also, here are some pictures of the LIRR vending machine's Hebrew language option I blogged about last week. I payed more attention this time, and there were three different machines. They all had the Spanish option, but one had two Asian languages, one had Italian and German, and this one had French and Hebrew (of all languages to put together. I guess it's better than German, though. Or Italian. Really, they may as well just have put Arabic). Without further ado...the pictures:

[Photo credit: Yoni. Look closely in the pictures...]


  1. Tell the shoppers that you are too exhausted to help them.

  2. No, if you say that they'll know you work there. But if costomers see you trying to help them, they'll instantly realize your not an employee.

  3. whoa, that's insane! where are these LIRR machines with Hebrew!

    At least one subway stop in Boropark (55th street D/M station) has a metrocard machine that has Yiddish.