Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome Back to Edison

Now that I'm back in NJ its time to show some old footage of the crazy Edison Municipal workers piling dirt on our lawn and climbing inside their garbage trucks.

The long story:
They thought we were planting crops between the sidewalk and the road so the snow plow "plowed" our lawn. When we cleared up the confusion they replaced the dirt.

Remember stamping on your stuffed garbage can so that the junk will fit in? Turns out that's part of a sanitation engineer's job description.

This man deserves a Darwin Award.


  1. Turns out I'm also back in Edison now, but on close inspection, my lawn seems intact.

  2. The lawn crisis in the front of your house is due to a Canadian conspiracy.

    A flock of Canadian Geese will soon be taking up residence in your backyard!!

    (I saw that inside a fortune cookie recently)