Thursday, August 10, 2006

What?!? Four posts in one week?

For all those who didn't notice: Yesterday the Lansey Brothers' Blog welcomed a new blogger: Stacy. She will not post on a regular schedule like Yoni, Aryeh and myself, but on occasion, when she feels like it. Check out her post below!

So this is my "Last Blog Post from The Middle of Nowhere". Below are pictures (click for full size) of the "Attractions at exit X" signs leading up to BNL's exit (68). Somehow I missed exit 67's sign, but trust me on this - it is equally blank. Maybe I'll try to snap a pic of it today.

Exit 64:

Exit 65:

Exit 66:

Exit 68 (the "attraction" is a gold course that is allegedly at that exit):


  1. I am unable to click for full size. I am very dissapointed, as I was much looking forward to seeing nothing.

  2. I am impressed. Taking photos while driving. Taking photos while driving a stick shift. Taking photos while driving a stick shift at the going rate of traffic (anywhere between 65mph and 75mph) as evidenced by the same truck at x65 and x66.

    Just out of curiosity, were you also eating breakfast, talking on your cell phone, and shaving at the same time?