Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Demons and Ogres and Giants Oh My!!!!\

There is an online role-playing game that I was addicted to in my summer after my junior year of high school called Runescape. I now only play this game on very rare occasions however one time I went online and discovered about 210000 people logged in. There are two modes of game play f2p (free to ply) and p2p (pay to play). The p2p get tons of more things than those of us who don't pay. It costs five dollars a month to be a member. On the occasion that I saw the 210000 people logged in I checked how many of them where members and the number was 84725. Now with a bit of math (84725)x(5)x(12)=$5083500. Now this is the amount of money based upon the people logged in at that particular time. They have servers all over the USA, and Canada, as well as in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Sydney. Also, I have no idea how much they make of the ads on their site.

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  1. Any idea the costs to maintain servers that can handle that volume?