Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crooked Pictures

I have heard a complaint about my taking pictures diagonally from the man in the crazy getup seen below. Now I do this sort of thing on purpose because it lets me fit more into the rectangular frame even though it gives some photos a blair witch project sort of unprofessional effect (this one in particular is blair-witch-like).

See, I am fully capable of taking normal pictures (these are from the Getty Museum, LA CA).

There actually was an earthquake when I was taking this one (hard to hold still).

Just kidding, when taking pictures the way I like to you get about sqrt(2) times extra room. Had I taken the above picture normally you wouldnt have seen the detail of the road in the close foreground or the deepness of the sky near the top edge.

It especially helps taking closeups of tall buildings like this one.

Critique Please? (comments/emails)

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  1. Never seen any other photographer ever take pictures that way, probably because the perspective tends to exagerate hill incline and building heights. But it may be effective. Perhaps one day art critics will be talking about the way Lansey's crooked pictures express his tortured soul scorned by the world that doesn't quite fit him, as evinced by his diagnal outlook on life. Though I hope not. Because the pointless discussions would kinda overshadow the actual pictures. And everyone has quirks when it comes to creativity. Such as the fact that I tend to start sentences with conjuctions and prepositions, making english teachers cringe and run for their lives.

    In other news, not one of those pictures was near square, so the ratio of diagnal to long side is something less than sqrt(2)