Thursday, August 31, 2006

National Fire Safety Week

A while ago I posted about National Fire Prevention week. As NFPW is only 5 weeks away, here's something in the spirit of the season.
YU has been putting up new signs around the whole uptown campus. New building signs, floor signs, etc. I think, and this is not sarcastic in any way, this is a very good thing. However, they also put up new floor evacuation plan signs. Or rather, sign holders. So I put in what I feel is a good evacuation plan:

This is on the 16th floor of Belfer Hall. There are 15 other floors with empty signs. Let's hear your ideas in the comments for other evacuation plans and I'll put 'em in the other floors' signs.


  1. A)
    For another Floor 16 Room.

    Step 1: Grab emergency parachute.
    Step 2: Use emergency hammer to crack window.
    Step 3: Make emergency jump.

    (parachute, hammer, and paratrooper training not included)

    B) Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?

    C) Trample elderly and disabled underfoot, as you rush to the exit.
    (This may be covered under panic)

    D) Push the down button and wait calmly for the elevator. Trust us, it will come.

    E) Its not that hot. You can make it.

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  3. Ground floor: In case of fire calmly proceed up the stairs away from the fire.

    Random floors: Run around in circles until the centrifugal forces render you unconscious.

    Scream at the correct frequency to remove the oxygen from the air surrounding the fire putting it out.

    Use fire extinguisher to blast a path through the people in your way to get to the nearest window, us fire extinguisher to break window, jump, use fire extinguisher as a personal jet pack fly to a nearby building.

  4. "This is a fire-safe building. In case of emergency, lock yourself in a room and wait for a rescue officer for further instructions." - Actual YU dormitory safety instructions (or thereabouts)

    "In case of fire, use emergency fire hose located by the Tenzer Gardens water fountain."

  5. Am I correct in understanding from your title picture that this blog's full name is actually "THE LANSEY BROTHER'S (sic) BLOG - The Lansey brothers' blog" ?