Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Karate Lump

Update on my martial arts training: As many of you know I have trained in the martial arts for more than six years, I have a first degree black belt from my karate school FMAA. Beyond just the standard karate training I have received I also decided to learn other forms of self-defense. I therefore began with nun-chucks first with one then with two (I have been training with nun-chucks for about four years now). For the past year I have also began training with a bo-staff. Besides for weapons I have also trained in Judo falls and rolls, and some regular American wrestling (real wrestling, not the fake stuff). In hard core extreme self defense I trained in the F.I.G.H.T. (Fierce Israeli Hand-to-hand Tactics) systems Haganah (incapacitation, termination, in other words very dangerous stuff). As my training progressed I began to wonder what would happen if I actually had to defend myself, what would happen to the person I hit. So, I took TFL (Training For Life) CDT (Compliance Direction Takedown) a non-deadly, extremely effective, and legal method of self-defense. Essentially this course uses points on the body, which causes paralysis as long as the technique is maintained. I will continue to train in the CDT taking it to the next levels; learning controlling, escorting, and weapon disarm techniques. Eventually I will probably go on to learn LRT (Last resort Tactics) that can put someone in rehab for a year to recover muscle control (would be used on terrorists in airplanes or such similar things). To finish I would just like to say sweet dreams.

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