Sunday, March 01, 2009


SPLAM, Definition: Innocent email in your inbox that is meant for someone else.

For those who don't recall, Splam is the term used to describe emails sent by real people, but to the wrong address. It is always appropriate to respond with some attempt at humor. It was first defined and described on this blog about one year ago and we have since had several sightings. Firstly Ilan, from Bits of Ink fame had a very clever response to someone back in 2007 (read it here). Next Tracy Wilkinson needed some help taking me off her mailing list last August, then Eli reported recieving some Splam in the real world!

This post is about my most recent Splam incedent. The last names have been changed in the email below, its a complex story - so pay attention to all the characters.
I just got this message from Bob Builder:
Hi Bonnie,
I've heard back from Bruce Wayne a couple of time today. Bruce has his talking points ready for discussion with Jonathan Smith. Bruce says that he is now just waiting for a call back from Jonathan. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.
If you happen to talk to Jonathan, please let him know that Bruce Wayne is ready with his comments.
Have a nice weekend!
You work so hard that I hate to urge you to call him this late on a Friday afternoon, but it would be wonderful to be able to go the board informed about thier basic position rather than uninformed.
See what you can do, please.
I did not know any of the people mentioned, but it was addressed to me, and I didn't want to call Bruce, so I thought it would be appropriate to respond:
I can't take this level of stress anymore! Just because of your email I'm not going to call Bruce for another WEEK!
You should be GLAD that I'm not QUITTING because of this!
One last thing - %$#& the $%#@-ing board! They know nothing about science!
PS: plz scroll all the way down before replying
And upon scrolling down - she may have noticed:
Just kidding!
You probably wanted to contact Jonathan Smith instead of me, I am an old KGI REU student.
Good luck!
PS: hope you didn't get a heart attack.
To end the story - everyone lived. The response I got was:
I may have errant fingers, but nerves of steel. Thanks for letting me know (rather creatively) that my message was sent to the wrong person. Hope all is well in your life.

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  1. I get splam on a weekly basis. They've ranged from the tennis player in Chicago trying to decide on a schedule to an invite to the White House Correspondence Dinner.

    The problem is that I have an email address at gmail with no numbers. just my first initial and last name. Everyone forgets the number for other people and I get it. My name is Keith and I've gotten email for Ken, Kathy, another Ken and Kallie.