Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Look From Up High

In the past I have spoken of my job, to be more specific here and here. For those of you who are to lazy to click those links and who can't recall what my job is here is a quick description. I fly a tethered blimp and take pictures of stuff. The taking pictures part has finally come to fruition; last week over spring break we finally where able to fly the blimp in the air outside (we had to wait for nice weather). Of course before we could fly it we needed an SD card for the camera, so I had them buy a 16 gig SD card, and I had the extreme pleasure of installing it and discovering that I could now take 4795 12 megapixel pictures.

I know you have been seeing a lot of my head, but at least here it is from approximately 30 feet high.

From 60 feet high, with a jeep driving by.

Picture of the roof of the building we store the blimp in.

90 feet high, legally we cant fly it higher than about 500, however we had slight equipment failure at this point. The up-link from the camera to me failed so I lost a picture of what the camera was looking at, and of course I am working to fix this problem so next time we can post some pictures from really high up.


  1. Can you control the focus and/or shutter speed from the ground? It seemed that the camera was having trouble focusing. Maybe just force the focus to "infinity" because you're taking pics from far away, anyhow.

    Otherwise, really cool, Aryeh. Looking forward to seeing aerial pictures of the house...

  2. When are you going to start giving rides?