Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back From Myrtle Beach Driving Barefoot

Driving on the highway is one of those things that I enjoy, driving barefoot is another one of those things I enjoy. Driving barefoot on the highway is naturally incredible fun.

To maximize the fun you need to be using cruise control- see this feature actually moves the pedal in small jumps to increase the gas the engine gets and to speed up the car. Generally you will not notice this, but if you rest your bare foot lightly on the pedals then it kind of tickles, try it one day. To say the least it kept me awake all 700 so miles on the way back from Mytle Beach!

Apparently some people think that driving barefoot is illegal. It is not according to this motivated nut who sent 50 personalized letters out to each of the states just to find this out.

This one reply from a department was pretty funny

June 9, 1994
Mr. Jason R. HeimbaughR.R. 1, Box 120Champaign, IL 61821
Dear Mr. Heimbaugh:
Thank you for your recent letter concerning the legality of operating a motor vehicle barefoot. It is always a pleasure to respond to citizens interested in familiarizing themselves with traffic laws.
You are correct in your belief that there may be a misconception concerning this issue. We do from time to time get inquiries such as yours. I am pleased to advise that there are no provisions in the Illinois Vehicle Code that prohibits operating a motor vehicle "barefoot".
I hope this information has been of interest. Please feel free to contact this office any time I may be of assistance.
Greg O'Connor Director Drivers Services Department

In other news, my trip has brought me up to 42 states that I've been in, the ones I haven't been to being:

Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota and Alabama.

Regrettably there are no pictures of sunny Myrtle Beach this week because I left my laptop's charger at my parents- hang in there till next week!

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  1. While I have only been to 34 states of yours missing I have been to Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alabama.

    Did you have a good time in Myrtle Beach?

    And I agree that barefoot highway driving is the best.