Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Fun With Airplanes

Last week me and some friends volunteered at a airplane museum in southern New Jersey. This basically meant that we could go where u can't normally go and touch what you can't normally touch, while we cleaned everything. Here are some pictures.

This is me standing on a F-14

Propeller on an E-2 Hawkeye

Me sticking my head out of the cockpit of an E-2, it was really cool I just had to pull open the hatch on the top of the cockpit.

In the cockpit of the E-2

This is the set up in the back of the E-2

F-4 phantom

This is what is inside and F-4 Phantoms cockpit

The museum is located on an airfield, and this was a bulletin board in the main building for the airport.

Just for fun

Finishing with a what the heck is that thing, we passed this right after we left the museum. An guesses as to what it is?


  1. wow that thing is really weird. can't tell if were looking at the front or back, I'm going to say front though because of the side of the road

  2. It looks like one of a mobile field irrigation thing or a crop duster of some sort. You can see the arms that swing out on either side.

  3. they trusted you with those things?

  4. ah yes, probably crop duster, the special wheels make it look like it is meant to drive over the top of some crops.