Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny Church

Somebody stole some more of the letters off of this sign on the church. It was especially funny when I was walking by the other day and I sneezed. Quite nice.
This is the same church from this post.
Which had this great comment worth mentioning from NotElon
"I will also point out that there is a United Methodist Episcopalian Church down the block from me with the inviting welcome sign, "Visit Us on Facebook."

I guess they are just not worth visiting in person, even if you are standing 2 ft away."


  1. I'll leave the final decision to the official Lansey Brothers' Blog historian, but I think this may be the first time that there were two consecutive postings by Yoni/Jonathan without either other brother posting in between.
    Dad (Sometimes known as the male parental unit)

  2. Nope. This is actually the third time Yoni/Jonathan posted consecutively. I'll leave it to the OCD (or those, like myself, whose computer has OCD) to find the other two times.
    Lansey Brothers' Blog Trivia Question:
    How many times has Eli posted consecutively?