Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another long walk

Some time ago I reported on's (now defunct) walking directions feature. These days, Google Maps includes an option for walking directions. So I figured I'd give it the same thorough treatment I gave (If you don't remember that post, or if you've picked up the blog since then, check it out before continuing...). Here we go:
Google maps doesn't know about the 130-stair pedestrian shortcut, either. At least they admit "This route may be missing...pedestrian paths," though. And they must assume people walk slowly, because the walking time seemed a bit long.
In any case, I did the same trial by fire: Washington Heights, NY to Fort Lee, NJ - a approximately two mile walk across the GWB:
And this is Google Map's 26 mile suggested hike:
First a positive note: It knows about the Hudson River bike path. However, it doesn't know about the GWB pedestrian walkway, and let's take a closer look at the water crossings. They direct: "Take the Ellis Island-NY Fry ferry to Jersey City"
It puts you on a ferry line that doesn't exist!!! (And what's a "Fry Ferry," anyway?) What you need to do, if you're planning to take a boat, is actually stop at Ellis Island, and get off the boat. Fortunately, once there, you can transfer to a boat to NJ. Walking to Elizabeth has the same ferry issue, but at least doesn't send you to PA along the way.
So, somewhat better than Ask in some ways, somewhat worse, but I assume it will only get better with Google, not disappear, like on Ask.


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  2. thanks for investigating eli!

  3. Well technically if you jump from one boat to the other at just the right instance, you could take that route. It's not Google's fault you are not a pirate.

  4. just get one of those big ropes