Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Google Tech Talk & Google Israel

I have earlier mentioned my research into GoogleWhack and Internet Search Result Probabilities way back when I was starting it in 2006, then when I put up a poster at an NJIT conference. Its also been here on my Alternate Resume for a very long time (once I stopped being paranoid someone would steal my idea).

Last semester I wrote a paper on it with Bruce Bukiet. The paper was accepted to the Journal of Quantitative Linguistics published by Taylor & Francis. It should be out by the beginning of 2009. While its not an incredibly high Impact Factor Journal, this will be my first publication in a peer review journal so I'm excited for it. You can read a pre-print of the paper here.

Last May, I also gave a "Tech Talk" at Google's New York office on my research.

Here is the Video of my Talk:

Google NYC Lobby

We werent allowed to take pictures inside of the Google office, but in the lobby was okay. I for some reason didn't get a picture of myself there . . . whoops.
Thanks to my friend Ran, I was able to visit Google's Tel-Aviv office last summer (not really related in any way to my research- but it gave me something to talk about.. No pictures were allowed there either but I managed anyway.

This Mezuzah had Google colors and I thought it was quite tastefull. The view looks into the Lobby.

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  1. Another article on Jonathan Lansey and his talk at Google’s Manhattan office is on NJIT's website.