Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fresh Coconut Water

Last week when shopping for produce I noticed "Water Coconuts."  They weren't too expensive, so we bought one.
After some Googling I figured out that I needed to hack into this thing somehow.  Unfortunately, I don't have a machete, which seems to be the traditional method of access.  So I used this little, weird, essentially useless knife we got for free with some of our pots.
After much hacking:
I reached an impasse.  This point was rock hard - kind of like a coconut shell.  I wonder why.  Anyway, I figured I might have been hacking at the wrong end of the thing.  So I flipped the thing over and kept and whacking:
Finally, after a lot of hard work, I knocked the top off!
And had a drink:
Truth be told, it didn't taste that good.  But, it was fun!

I'd also like to note, that today marks the third Blogversary of the blog!  But we couldn't think of anything special to do (and we're all desperately trying to catch/keep up in school), so it's just business as usual here.  You know, no posts from Yoni/Jonathan or Aryeh this week...


  1. Those are some awesome pictures, especially that last one.

  2. yes, last picture hilarious indeed, would be better on a tropical island though.
    Also, this week was really busy.
    could you eat the flesh part of it? did it taste like water at all?

  3. You needed to put one of those little colored paper umbrellas on it and add a little vodka to make that last picture work.

  4. Yoni: You could eat the inside. It was a very thin, kinda jelly-like, coconut-flavored layer you could scoop at with a spoon. But it was hard to get at, so I didn't eat much of it.
    The water didn't taste like water. It was sort of musty, vaguely coconutty.