Thursday, July 09, 2009

An Exploratorium Book

I recently purchased a secondhand copy of the second edition J.D. Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics.  (I actually own the latest edition, but the 2nd has Gaussian units as opposed to the annoying MKSA in the 3rd.)

It's always interesting to get secondhand books and see where they came from.  Well, I now own a piece of the Exploratorium.
I wonder why they got rid of this book.


  1. Maybe they love confusing constants and unintuitively sized units.

    I almost got a B in the course the first time, because I never could remember where the 4π went.

  2. I happen to work at the Exploratorium's library! As an answer to your question: we discard books when folks here haven't used them for several years. I'm glad this one has found a good home.

    - Lauren Lindskog

  3. notElon - Yeah, MKSA is ridiculous.
    Lauren - Thanks for clarifying!