Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Bike

A week ago I brought my bike to Rutgers. In the evening I would bike while some friends ran, this was a good way for us all to get exercise and stay in shape. Additionally, due to the number of us we had momentum so that we would all encourage each other to keep going and not miss a night. Well this Sunday someone stole my bike, I left it at 8:22 PM and came back at 9:35 to go for a ride. It was not there, the friend I was with told me that he had gotten in at 8:40 and had not seen it. I of course reported it to the police that evening, and this afternoon I spoke with them and they said that the camera on the door near where I had locked my bike (to a brick wall) had picked up activity around that area at 8:30 I know the times because I friends with the person who controls the cameras in the engineering building and had him look to see the exact times, in fact the reason i had been at my bike at that time was so that he could show me counter steering. Also, when I told him about the theft he called the Rutgers people who monitor the cameras and told them what camera and what time, which is why I figure the Rutgers police department got the footage so quickly. so we shall see what happens.

You where a great bike I hope I get you back.


  1. looks like the photo is of one of the locks in the Raritan River canal

  2. Speaking of locks - did you lock it up?

  3. I believe that I locked it. However, based upon the length of time however stole it took we should no for certain (and I do not know that information at this time)

  4. Yoni,
    Good catch. You can probably also figure out who is holding the bike. It isn't Aryeh. Hint: Do you see the BlackBerry.