Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Gettysburg Address: Fun with Translation Party

This is part four of the continuing series of Gettysburg Address posts.  I just came across a clever website called Translation Party.  This site takes an English phrase and repeatedly translates back and forth between English and Japanese until it reached "Equilibrium" -- i.e. the translation is constant going back and forth.  I decided to give it the Gettysburg Address as input.  Below is the result:

Before our ancestors and the score function, the annual fair has been created under the leadership of the continent. [source]

Civil war and now is a big country, other countries or individuals, can withstand long-term test. We are paying a great battle field of war. His life in the country, the last resting place is only part of the field. I'm not completely conform to the truth.
However, most of us - - no need to worry about - and is dedicated to the ground and, to dedicate the time. SHITASHI, these brave souls in this battle, the power of God and death, poor people are grateful.  [source]  This bill is the length of the world, it can not be forgotten. If anything, the unfinished work is the address of our lives in the past. [source]  Rather, we are still working on this issue - is dedicated to honor the dead, the last full measure is to increase the commitment [source] -- waste of death, murder - the people in this country a new birth of freedom in the death of God, in order to solve the world - people and governments. [source]
The last sentence needed to be split up to fit in Translation Party.  Please share any hilarious results you get in the comments.


  1. "This bill is the length of the world"

    I got a never-ending loop:
    "please sir, may i poison your delicious souffle?"

    turns into:

    I'm the flavor souffle can poison?

    Can I taste poison souffle?

    Then it loops:

    I can taste the poison souffle?

    I can taste the souffle is a poison?

  2. "This bill is the length of the world" - What did this start as?

  3. I can''t get equilibrium on any of the Gettysburg Address, but Yoni's souffle poison does reach equilibrium. I wonder if the results are time-dependent.

  4. Also, "No quarter asked, none given" immediately converges on "Bareknuckled asked."

  5. "No quarter asked, none given" when i ran this i got an infinite loop alternating between "Pitilessness questions" and "Questions pitilessness"

  6. for mine at least you need to run it without quotes to get tehe infinite loop, heres the link: