Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Of Hair Had and Lost

As is rather obvious to anyone who reads this blog I have been growing my hair and beard for nearly two years. Well what you probably don't know is that a very good childhood friend of mine is getting married on August 23rd. I decided that I really could not go to a friends wedding looking like I have, because of this I decided to shave and get a haircut. I had to go out and buy a shaver (which I have never done before and resulted in me calling Eli for advice on what shaver to purchase), and get my dads beard trimmer (which I used for the first rough passes).

First pictures of the hair and beard in all their glory (shortly after getting out of the shower).

I felt that you would not really be interested in seeing all the pictures of me shaving (they are not very exciting). Instead I will show you how weird I looked with the hair and no beard, however I will tell you that when I got up this morning my mother freaked and couldn't look at me.

Finally a picture of what I now look like, unfortunately I had to take the picture so it is not an exceptionally good one.


  1. The hair but no beard look is really creepy.

  2. Love the new look. The no beard long hair reminded me of UD when he was in college ;)

  3. Holy moly!

    I'm with your mom on this one....

  4. Eli, would you rather beard but no hair?

  5. notElon,
    Not sure what that would look like on Aryeh, but in general that's the Chabad beard look. The hair but no beard is the creepy 70s porn star / child molester look. So I guess the chabad beard is better than that.