Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hay and Lots of It , Part 1/3

At the end of last summer I helped a friend with the hay harvest on his families farm. Now when you think of hay you probably see a large pile in the field perfect for landing in when your parachute fails. Well I am here to let you know that it is dense, pointy, and heavy. The process of harvesting hay come a long way over the years, and over the next to weeks you can see how we no longer just pile hay up in a field and hope for the best.

Welcome to Horse Sleigh Farm. This picture was taken from the second floor of a barn, right in front is a horse paddock, a garage, the main house, and the red chicken coup.

One of the two horses that were on the farm over the summer.

One of the goats for the petting zoo. These were really, really friendly goats and I am holding this one in this way so that you can see the goats rectangular pupils.

Chicken, they are free range organic chickens (they are also carbon based). At During lunch break on the first day of bringing the harvest in I ate a banana (I know super exciting) and when I asked my friend where the garbage was he pointed out the door. I asked him what he meant and he told me to just toss it on the ground outside. I obliged expecting to see a heap of garbage on the front lawn, however the peel was immediately set upon by at least a dozen chickens who proceeded to fight over the peel, tearing it to bits and then eating it. I don't have a video of it from then however next time I visit the farm I will be sure to get one.

Of course what kind of post would this be without a picture of a fluffy bunny. This one is a family pet and lives in a stall in the barn, which in the scale of most pet cages is incredibly large.

Time to get to the field. This is just one of the hay fields on the farm. The hay has already been cut semi-dried and raked into rows for collecting.

The collector. This machine was incredible. The tractor is connected to the baler via a PTO shaft. The baler itself performed a number of different operations with a number of different really cool components, which I will tell you all about next week, so stay tuned. Same Hay-time same Hay-channel.


  1. This is a very beautiful farm! So pretty horse, and bunny..)) And the peaceful fields. I like it))

  2. Lumpest, we took Moshe all the way to Israel so he could pet farm animals and bunnies! Can we make an appointment with Jimmy on our behalf?

  3. Cute fuzzy baby bunnies!! (Eat your heart out, Google.)
    Great picture of the goat.
    Also, learn the difference between "where" ("where is my fish?") and "were" ("these were friendly goats").