Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kids’ Top 100 Searches of 2009

I came across the top 100 searches by kids in America and its pretty sad. In my day kids were much better at computers than adults, but I think times have changed. Search term number 6 was, also searched for was and It seems kids don't they know the difference between an internet search bar and an address bar. Its also ridiculous that they searched for What do they plan to do after searching for Do they even know what a search engine is? They should probably watch this video to learn the basics.

Another interesting thing was the difference between boys and girls. I'm not going to try and read anything imaginary out of these data, but I will state some facts. Wikipedia is number 9 most searched for boys and number 20 for girls. 7/10 of the 11 terms the difference were pop culture things like celebrities. Boys on the other hand had only 2 names in the whole top 25. Of course though it may be that girls were intelligent enough to type "" rather than search for it. I doubt it though because number six on the girls list was For the record, was # 8 for boys.

Why are kids so dumb nowadays?

See the full list from Norton here:


  1. I've seen many many people use the search bar instead of the address bar for sites that they know the address. It's not just a kid thing, it might even be a "I don't remember when searching for something didn't help me find it" (a time when the only way to actually get anywhere was to know the url, or a url that linked to the url, or search for hours on webcrawler (when hotbot was the new, more capable, search engine)) thing .

  2. Its known that a significant percent of search engine traffic is for direct navigation. I'm just surprised that people, even kids, type full url's into the search tab!

  3. This is why you should use Google Chrome, because then no one will know that you tried searching for

    The other thing I wonder about that list is who is Fred. He made the list. I didn't see Bob or Joe or even Dick make the cut at all, and there Fred is in the top 20.

  4. good point! Google Chrome will prevent you from looking like an idiot if you are one. I also wondered about Fred, apparently I was not even aware of the #2 most subscribed youtube channel with over 1.5 million Subscribers! I think I was happier not knowing this - I advise not googling Fred.