Friday, February 05, 2010

Your princess is in another tree is a really cool website.  It's a pretty nifty way to crowdsource your family trees.  You make your tree, add your relatives, and so on, and it automatically hunts down similar family structures in other people's trees to merge them and make a huge, giant, ever-expanding family tree, worked on by anyone interested in your super-extended family.

The one annoying thing is the zillions of emails they send out.  Like, "Your 12th cousin, 4 times removed's wife's sister's birthday is today!" or "Some distant cousin you've never heard of has added an even more distant cousin to your family tree."

The strangest emails, though, are the ones saying "We've found your relatives in other trees."  I know what they mean to say, but I can't help but imagine my relatives swinging from the branches and wonder how they got up there in the first place.

Whoduthunkit that would adopt (misconstrued) Darwinian evolutionary theory to such an extent that they're searching for my relatives amongst the orangutans.

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