Saturday, February 06, 2010

Craigslist: Teflon pot with a hole in the bottom

My roommates pot sprung a leak the other day so I'm giving it away on craigslist. See my ad here. Now this is the second time I'm posting it, it was flagged and deleted the first time - I don't know why. Below the picture I've copied the text of the post.

I have a great non-stick coated pot which you can have for free. It is unusual in that it has a tiny hole in the bottom. This posting was previously flagged and deleted, I would like to clarify that this is not a joke. I have a real pot (see photo) that I would like to give away, and it has a real hole in the bottom. It is the sort of hole you don't notice until you have spent five minutes boiling water in it wondering why your stove is making funny noises. It could be useful for cooking pasta, by the time it is cooked all the water will have strained out. If you are not interested in a pot full of liquid oozing onto your stove-top do not despair! This pot is perfectly suited for heating smooth pebbles and other ingredients too large, solid and dry to fit through the small hole. These objects are also guaranteed not to stick to the bottom (although nonstick may be scratched).

The uses for this pot are nearly endless so I'll only put a few short ones here:

  • It could be possible to use this pot as a small boat for a short period of time. I don't recommend leaving anything valuable inside the boat because in about 10 minutes it is likely to fills with water and sink to the bottom of your bathtub.
  • It would be perfect as a display or decorative pot, for example to hold plastic cheerios for a photo-shoot
  • The tiny hole lets in some light and it would probably make a great pinhole camera, if you know what that is.
  • If you don't have very many pots, this one could keep your other cookware company. I don't really recommend this though because it has become quite bitter since its debilitating accident.
  • Well suited for a Johnny Appleseed costume, unlike most pot/hats, this one is slightly ventilated to keep your head cool and dry. Adding fur to the handle would turn it into a decent Davey Crocket costume.
  • No mess when cooking dry ice, nitrogen and other gases.
  • One could use it as a model for artists drawing still life. The pot has a fantastic aptitude for holding still, even with loud distractions or a hot fire burning under it is brass
  • The pot would also make a great vegetable peeler, if you melted it down and built a vegetable peeler out of it.

The post was flagged and removed, lets see why?

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  1. Seems that Boston Craigslist readers don't have a sense of humor, as they "flagged" the post. What a bunch of losers.