Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Lapse Snowstorm

I know I just posted about time lapse videos, but I couldn't pass up doing it to yesterday's snowstorm. I actually am currently still taking pictures, but here's 11:17PM Tuesday to 11:09 PM Wednesday. Click through to see it in HD.

What's particularly amazing is the difference in lighting between the two nights; the snow really reflects light well:

After today's shots, I'll make another, longer video. But, unless it's staggeringly awesome, I probably won't blog it, so check my Youtube page here: for updates.


  1. Fantastic video!

    We got much more snow than you did. And you got plowed much more often then we did.

    We liked your cameo in last few seconds.

    Also transition from night to day and vs, and the little cuties coming out to play in the snow.

  2. Very cool. I want to do one of those for our baby's face as she grows.