Sunday, March 14, 2010

The system is down

We've been weathering quite a crazy storm the last few days.  We haven't had phone or internet since Friday (they got it back up this morning).  Our sump pump has been working overtime.
But two people were killed in Teaneck yesterday evening, hit by a falling tree.  Much of Teaneck is without electricity, without water, without heat.  Last night they declared a "State of Emergency" here and asked residents to stay inside.  It's pretty crazy.
I've been listening to the Teaneck Police/Fire/EMS radio feed [here]. Things are relatively calm at this point, but it's frightening to hear the fire department send out a call with the warning that there might not be water pressure when they get there.  Or the tons of calls about trees on leaning on wires, about to come down.
Here are a few pictures from the neighborhood.  Two blocks over:

And this is literally next door to where we ate lunch yesterday afternoon: 

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