Sunday, March 28, 2010

Overly specific quebec signs 1/2

In northern highways in Quebec they have periodic crossings of all sorts. The images on the warning signs are often extremely specific. For example the sign below, warns that logging trucks will be entering the road for the next 10 km.

This is what they actually look like in real life, the cartoon is surprisingly accurate.

They were also really good about giving information about the road - like when the next gas station is (251 km away).

or when the paved road turns into a gravel road (here at the manic 5 dam).

They also are kind enough to let you know that if a siren sounds near this dam you should probably find higher ground because the dam is presumably bursting . . . I suppose.

Next week I will post about the specific animal crossing signs from the deer family.

and Happy Pesach everyone.


  1. Google translate suggests, "The mermaid announces flash flood, MOVE AWAY," so I think you got the right idea (although, if they've got mermaids up in northern Canada, that says something about the safety of hydroelectric power - three-eyed radioactive fish is nothing).

    Also, the picture with the gravel road sign I think begins to capture the scale of that dam. Very impressive.

  2. no- you really can't capture the scale of the dam!

  3. Wikipedia confirms that the word for alarm siren and mermaid are the same in French. In fact, if I understand the article correctly, sirens were named after mermaids.

    So the full sign reads: The siren/mermaid announces flash flood, MOVE AWAY.

  4. oh like the greek mythology thing, cool