Thursday, April 01, 2010

Important Blog Update

Upon extensive discussions with all the brothers, we've decided that we don't post often enough.  Even though we nominally have 3 posts a week, we've realized that it's nothing compared to the massive blogs out there in the blogosphere.  So, in order to stay competitive in this market we've decided that we're going to post a minimum of once every two hours, with a ideal goal of twice an hour.

We realize this will be a major change from our existing model, where we sometimes post, if we remember, or can cobble together something that might be slightly interesting to each other, perhaps our parents, and only rarely anyone else.  From here on, the majority of our posts will consist of material shamelessly ripped off from other blogs, random spam posts about SEO, the occasional report of a celebrity or political scandal, and sometimes even pseudoscience taken seriously.

Additionally, we'll be stopping our full RSS feeds in order to maximize page views, and thereby ad revenue.  We know that this might annoy a few of our long-time readers, but we feel it's worth it to make a few bucks.  To that end, we'll be plastering our site with annoying advertisements and we'll be sure to include a few posts a week which are actually paid advertisements disguised as normal blog posts.

We hope we don't alienate too many of our loyal readers, but given the state of the economy, and the requirements of union labor, we are forced to make difficult decisions regarding this blog.  We hope you'll understand.

 - The Lansey Brothers


  1. See, the problem is you use union labor.

    I hired Myanmar to force its political prisoners to update my blog. I think it works pretty well.

  2. 3 posts a week? Oh, right, April Fools, ha ha.