Sunday, April 25, 2010

Google Maps

Google maps now has a feature that suggests places when you start typing them, like they have for normal searches. Its not always the most relevant results though, when looking for my apartment it suggested a place in Japan - so I tried it out.

Thats right, the "swim the atlantic" feature is gone from google maps but we have instead a "kayak the pacific ocean" option. I think its great that they suggest you take one stop on your way over the pond, in Hawaii. link

I would also like to point out another feature of google maps that most people don't know about. The real estate feature is very functional with tons of places, even in other countries.


  1. I wonder why they got rid of the "Swim across the Atlantic". How are you supposed to get to Paris from Boston anymore?

    In any case, at 36 days and 11 hours for the whole trip, that is some impressively fast kayaking.

  2. Actually its just about right. The pacific ocean is 11,037 km and it gives about 34 days 12 hours for that part of the trip. A fast kayaker can average 8 or 9 miles an hour which means kayaking the pacific would take between 31.75 days and 35 days!