Sunday, April 04, 2010

Overly specific quebec signs 2/2

Last week I posted about a few overly specific road signs in north Quebec. Now I continue with a few animal crossing signs.

Unfortunately I didn't do such a great job photographing all the signs so I'm going to borrow some photos from this guy.

Lets start with the charging moose sign. I suppose this is supposed to intimidate drivers into slowing down.

Every few miles the signs would change to, for example deer territory:

Now in case you were not willing to slow down for Moose or Deer perhaps you really love reindeer (caribou) and so are willing to slow down in their territory. Notice that the antlers are very rounded compared with the deer's antlers (for those of you who think this sign means deer crossing).

Now the dirt roads were so dusty that they needed to have a truck shower, unfortunately it was not open when we drove by, the car could have used a shower.

Also here one more crossing sign. That thing in the middle implies a snomobile crossing. Those were scattered all over the roads in north Quebec.


  1. Can anyone explain why deer and moose are dangerous only at night, but the caribou sign is unquantified?

  2. Not sure why the caribou sign is general, but I know why deer and especially moose are dangerous at night. When we were in New Hampshire two summers ago we went on a "moose tour" one evening. Turns out, those suckers are the exact color of roads and are nearly invisible at night. Until you smash into them, of course...