Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to water the garden

We have a little herb garden in front of our house, but it's really a pain to keep it watered.  On an unrelated note, NJ is pretty humid in the summer.  The previous owners left a dehumidifier which we turned on the summer that we moved, but the tank fills up quickly, and it's really a pain to keep emptying it.  On another unrelated note, during the major storm last month our sump pump was working overtime, pumping water out of the basement ... and into the garden.  This got me thinking...
[cue A-Team music]

First I drilled a hole in the dehumidifier tank:

Then, I stuck a spigot into it:

This is what it looked like inside:

To seal the hole, I hot glued the inside and outside around the base of the spigot

Then, I attached a vinyl pipe to the newly tapped tank

And ran the other end of the pipe into the sump pit:
Now we never need to empty the dehumidifier and don't need to water the garden!  Rube Goldberg, eat your heart out!

I love it when a plan comes together!


  1. what this needs next is a solar cell

  2. A brilliant device, but what if the air stops becoming humid. Is there a way to increase humidity, while say, getting the laundry to do itself?