Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flying High

It has been a rather long time since I posted about designing or building RC airplanes (one or two years). That is because I stopped being a member of the AIAA club at Rutgers midway through last year. I have not stopped designing since then, I just have not completed a design. Until now that is. The plane does not yet have a name, however it is the first plane that I have designed from beginning to end. In the past I was only designing frames, however on this plane I also designed the wings, ailerons, the horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and vertical stabilizers and rudders. I already have some of it built, and will be be buying some components tomorrow and soon. This of course means that I will be able to show you the plane as it becomes built.

This shows four views of the plane, Isometric, Front, Right and Top. The shell around the fuselage and the landing gear have not been finalized yet (I just made them to make it look nicer). I also made some of the components semi-transparent to make it easier to see structures and of course made things odd colors to be easily seen.

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