Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Pi Approximation Day

March 14, "Pi Day" gets all the publicity here in the US because of the date structure MM/DD.  This means Americans write that date as 3/14 which are the first three digits of Pi.  But, just about everywhere else in the world uses the format DD/MM.  In that case, 14/3 is kind of silly.  However, today, July 22 is meaningful!  22/7 is a decent approximation for Pi!  In fact, 3.14 differs from Pi by around 0.05% whereas 22/7 differs only by around 0.04%!
So, Happy Pi Approximation Day! (Whats left of it, at least.)  And, in honor of Pi Approximation Day, here's the awesome birthday/father's day present Stacy got for me this year:


  1. The other countries have us beat, irrational number day-wise. True there is no 3/14 in Israel, but they have 2 e days. (27/1 and 2/7 at 18:28) They also have a Square Root of 2 day on 1/4 at 14:21, and they even have a Planck's Constant Moment every night at 00:00:00...636.

  2. In case you're interested: the 5 trillionth digit of PI is 2.

  3. Well, that's a relief! I had been in suspense for so long!