Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chain Mail

This Sunday I attended a chain mail class taught by a friend of mine.  It was officially around three hours long, I was there for seven hours.  These are the results.

This is an example of the four in one weave.

 This is the box chain weave.

Not sure what this is actually called but it is basically a circular expanding weave.


  1. There's no sense of scale... how big are the rings?
    And, are you making a whole piece of clothing of mail?

  2. I notice that your rings have seams, whereas actual examples of armor on wikipedia either have none or have them riveted shut. Seams like shoddy workmanship all around.

    On another note, I would have assumed that mail would be made in an interlocking hexagonal pattern, but it seems that the 4 in 1 weave is actually the most common one.

  3. I once made a little piece of chain mail, must have been 5x5 or something.

    notElon: had you invented hexagonal chain mail, maybe you could have ruled the middle ages.

  4. I think the last one looks like a chain mail kippah ;P

  5. I do actually plan to make a kippah from chain mail. However, I plan on using significantly smaller rings. These are 14 gauge 3/8 inch inner diameter. I will probably use a 1/4 inch or smaller ring for the kippah.