Saturday, November 27, 2010

My penguin autostereogram was featured in a forum

My autostereogram made out of penguins was featured about a month ago on this forum.

Now most people find it really difficult to recognize what this is a picture of but these internet-forum-people had an especially hard time. The directions given didn't really help:
"Squint into the image, you will see a 3D effect....."
They had some great comments, I copy a few of the best ones here below:
  • All I can see is penguins and splodges.
  • Now I'm seeing Dracula.
  • Now it looks like a building, castle maybe?
  • I couldnt see anything at first apart from penguins, but now I can see aliens!
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by blackdahlia View Post
    I see naked women dancing.
    Yes, but concentrate on the picture now.
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by Syl View Post
    Hey Glen, you're not subliminary trying to show us the artwork that got taken off last week are you?
    No , it looks like a camel or something.... You can't mistake the two...!

  • I see a tropical fish.
  • OK, just had anther look in the hope that being tipsy might give me a second sight....nope, just penguins and smudgy marks still.
  • I can see Michael Jackson... I think


  1. wait, I take it back. I definitely see Bart Simpson

  2. I could see the image almost immediately. Took me a little prodding to realize it was Antarctica.

  3. I notice that they hotlinked to your site. You should totally mess with them, and replace the image with one that looks like a autostereogram, but actually doesn't work.

  4. haha, yeah I should make it read "sorry no hot-linking" lol