Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In The News

Shortly after graduating I got involved with a First Robotics team from my old high school.  We did our building at a local Hackerspace called FUBAR Labs (which I am now a member of).  A few weeks ago, FUBAR expanded and we had a reporter from the Star Ledger come to try and get some good PR.  Here, judge for yourself, the article.
It really has nothing to do with FUBAR and doesn't even mention that the basketball shooter is for First Robotics.  Additionally, the print version the title is "Hackers Feel Right at Home" in large letters on the front page of the Middlesex county section.  Also, it has me and Matts names backwards.  So basically I got a good picture of me on the front page of a section of a newspaper and its not under my name, calls me a hacker, and has nothing to do with what I was actually doing.


  1. cool! at least they clarify:

    "Hacking" in this sense is not about breaking into a computer network, Anderson said. It’s a reclaimed term for coming up with a creative solution to a problem.

  2. Although the article was off, nice stuff on FIRST. Are you guys looking forward to the regionals? Our teams are getting really excited.

    1. We had our first district event this past weekend, and although we came in last we had a ton of fun. We have another district event at the end of the month. It is rather unlikely that we will be going to any regional events as a competing team, but we may go to cheer on the more experienced teams that helped us out this year.