Sunday, March 04, 2012

Why do I always sit next to the weird guy

If you look carefully below, you will be able to make out an unusual form of the person who was sitting next to me on the plane.

Yes, his pudge went almost as far forwards as his legs. He is using a seat-belt extender. I couldn't lower my own tray table because his overflowing flubber was in the way. His fat was overflowing the width of the armrest both above and below it. I spent a good deal of the flight with my left arm held over my chest because there was no room for it on my side. When the cart came down the aisle I was pretty much squeezed up against the wall and I saw fat shift around in ways I thought would not be possible.

Thankfully this flight was only an hour long.

Can we have a rule:
If you can't fit inside one seat-belt, you need to buy two seats.

Finally - I know there is a relevant farside comic out there but I can't find it!


  1. Just be glad you weren't the TSA agent who had to screen him.

  2. haha, r^2 as much surface area to check!

  3. I believe you're thinking of this far side comic :-)

    Also, you're not alone in your idea about larger people paying for 2 seats...