Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pictures from a 4 year old

I saw this great instructables about kid-proofing a camera, and I decided to do this for our older son after he broke our camera. This is his camera:
And here's a self-portrait of the photographer:
He's taken some good pictures of his younger brother:
And some great pictures of him, too:
Here are some still-life shots:
The whole, semi-curated album, updated occasionally, can be seen here:


  1. That Still Life of Stacy's Shoes and Tissue should be submitted to MOMA.

    1. the Mr. Potatoe head thing really brings the scene together

  2. I like Crayon in Shoe... it's a crayon, in a shoe! Also, it makes a bold and dramatic statement about the juxtaposition of whimsy and practicality. I'm sure that's what the artist had in mind...

    But my real favorite is Cheerios on Table.

    1. Crayon in Shoe is somewhat out of focus.