Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to New Jersey

As most of you should know, New Jersey was hit severely by Hurricane Sandy Monday evening.  My house just got power back about two hours ago.  The coast line was badly damaged, pictures of what is left of the boardwalks are all over the news.  I will show you what I did during the storm and what my area looked like in a walk around yesterday afternoon.
Playing Rummikub, by flash light, listening to classical music and drinking wine is not a bad way to weather storm.

 This tree ripped the road up.
 This was the worst damage I saw on my walk and based upon the way it came up it was self inflicted.
 You can see the new driveway right next to where the tree came up.  Based upon the fact that it is not ripped up we think that when it was installed they cut the trees roots.  This weakened it for the wind and when it came down it hit their house hard.
 In the top left you can see the top of the telephone pole is snapped and hanging down.  This tree snapped 4 poles.  This is the first.
 This is the next and it full exploded apart.
 The last one was at a corner and here it is sitting on the ground.  The one next over was very bent over.
 This is a tether cable from one of the poles that came down.  It is made up of seven 1/8th inch steel cables.  They are all snapped at a 45 degree angle as expected due to failure theory.  Metals under tension fail due to shear load.  Based upon the fact that there is minimal necking at the fracture site the cable probably failed under impulse load.  Say the pole it was connected to slamming to the ground.
 This pole appeared rotted.  We think that the bending and twisting moment on the street light caused it to fail.
If you ever wondered what was inside a street light.  It appears to just be a transformer and a high pressure sodium lamp.

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  1. now that is a dedicated blogger, only 2 hours after the electricity is up and already blogging!

    Anyway - awesome post!