Sunday, November 04, 2012

Verizon provides my Internet, really?

Verizon is an internet service provider, but it stinks like a pea-brained Dinosaur.

I recently signed up for Verizon Fios, which is actually pretty good compared to what I had before but here are a few interesting things. When I wanted to unsubscribe from their spam emails I found they could unsubscribe me in 10 business days.

In 10 days I could walk from Boston to verizon headquarters in NYC and handhold them through setting up constant contact which would have unsubscribed me instantly.

Well I suppose that is okay, as long as the main part of the site works ... right? No.
The ads and nonsense were working full speed but the actual thing I came for? Broken. Also, notice the "helpful" web search tool at the top ... because I'm going to visit when I need to Google something?!

Maybe they really are trying hard to make things better, in video below it says that "Your bill is now simpler than ever." Great, I guess that is why you need six and half minutes to explain it.

Oh and one more thing verizon, you spelled my name wrong.

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